Corporate Secretary

The Company has established the function of Corporate Secretary, which has an important role in facilitating communication between the company's organs internally, the relationship between the Company and stakeholders and ensuring the Company's compliance with applicable regulations. The Corporate Secretary is appointed, dismissed and responsible to the President Director. Corporate Secretary of PT Terregra Asia Energy Tbk has knowledge of regulations related to the company, public relations, administrative skills and experience that support the implementation of his duties as corporate secretary.

The corporate secretary has the task and function of handling all public relations and secretarial activities of the company and also ensuring the establishment of good relations within the company and between stakeholders / external of the company. The establishment of the company's image in the external sphere, not only to shareholders but also to regulators and the general public is a realization of the Corporate Secretary's mandate in carrying out its functions where the Corporate Secretary is responsible for monitoring the company's compliance with rules and regulations and ensuring that shareholders and other stakeholders obtain all important information related to the company in a timely manner, complete and accurate.

The Corporate Secretary also ensures that internal and external information and communications are conducted in a transparent manner. However, in an effort to expand the company's good image, the Corporate Secretary cannot carry out his own mission, there is a need for cooperation and support and participation from other Groups in the company. The Corporate Secretary will continue to improve the quality in the implementation of the company's activities to achieve common goals.

Corporate Secretary Profile

Daniel Tagu Dedo
Indonesian citizen, 62 years old.
Domiciled in Jakarta.

Work Experience

Currently serves as Finance Director of PT Terregra Asia Energy Tbk, has experienced, managed and dabbled in the banking world for more than 30 years and has won various awards in the field of banking at the national level.