Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a supporting committee of the company's Board of Commissioners whose role is to ensure the implementation of internal controls, including through internal and external audits. In carrying out its duties, the Audit Committee refers to the prevailing laws and regulations and refers to the Audit Committee Charter which has been signed by the President Commissioner and Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Audit Committee:

  1. Ensure that the company's internal control is implemented properly.
  2. Ensure that the implementation of internal audits and independent audits is in accordance with applicable audit standards.
  3. Ensure the implementation of follow-up by the Board of Directors on the findings of the internal audit work unit, independent/external auditors and the results of OJK supervision.
  4. Provide recommendations for the appointment of independent/external auditor candidates.
  5. Ensure the conformity of financial statements with applicable accounting standards.

Members of the Audit Committee as of December 31, 2021 are:

The change of members of the Audit Committee occurred on Thursday, November 19, 2020 has attracted members of the Audit Committee of PT Terregra Asia Energy Tbk, are:

  1. Tisanto Adi
  2. Ihot Parasian Gultom

With the changes mentioned above, the composition of the company's Audit Committee Membership becomes as follows:

  1. Supandi Widi Siswanto: Chairman concurrently Member
  2. Tisanto Adi: Member
  3. Ihot Parasian GuItom: Member

Audit Committee Charter