Audit Committee

The Corporate has the Charter of the Audit Committee as regulated in OJK Regulation no. 55/POJK04/2015 on the Establishment and Guidance of the Implementation of Audit Committee and Listing Rules of the Securities Exchange by the issuance of Audit Committee Charter by Board of Commissioners of the Corporate on January 30, 2017. The Corporate has established an Audit Committee as stipulated in POJK No. 55, based on the Decree of Corporate Board of Commissioners No. 002/ TAE-BEI / IPO / 2017 dated January 30, 2017.

The Committee has a duty to provide independent professional opinion to the Board of Commissioners on reports or matters submitted by the Board of Directors to Board of Commissioners and to identify matters requiring the attention of the Board of Commissioners, which include:

  • Monitor and evaluate the planning and execution of audits and follow-up audit results in order to assess the adequacy of internal controls and financial reporting processes

  • Ensure compliance of applicable audit standards with execution of External Audit duties;

  • Looking at the suitab lity betweenthe financial statements and the app icable accounting standards.

The members of the Corporate's audit committee:

  • Supandi Widi Siswanto (Chairman)

  • Tisanto Adi (Member)

  • Ihot Parasian Gultom (Member)

Audit Committee Charter