Report of the Board of Commissioners

Data from the Indonesia's economy in 2019 grew 5.02 percent, lower than the 2018 achievement of 5.17 percent. From the production side, the highest growth was achieved by Other Services Business Field at 10.55 percent.

World development is increasing rapidly every year, which of course the impact of this development is the increasing demand for electricity, while the electricity supply from PLN is limited, On the basis of this, the power plant business has a bright prospect so that electricity consumption, especially from companies or factories, increases. With this good business prospect, the Board of Commissioners has provided input to the Board of Directors to continue to make strategic and innovative efforts so that performance in the following year can beimproved.

The Board of Commissioners sees in its entirety that the Company has been managed well and has succeeded in showing good performance. This shows that the Company is on the right track. The Board of Commissioners also expressed its appreciation to the Board of Directors for their dedication and performance achieved in 2019, as well as Shareholders and stakeholders who have given their trust and support.

It is our hope that in the future 2020, there will be a lot of support from the parties so that we can continue our programs in the coming year, with hard work and enthusiasm, the Board of Directors is able to continue to confirm performance, so as to reaize what he is vis on and the Company's mission, which is to become a leading company in the renewable energy industry in Indonesia. May God Almighty always company and provide guidance for the growth of the Company in the following year.

Ngurah Adnyana

President Commissioner