Corporate Profile

Terregra was created to profitably develop, build and operate renewable energy projects for Indonesia. We are constructing a fleet of hydro-generation power plants and both roof-top and utility scale photo-voltaic developments. We are working with proven technologies, using our own highly experienced development, power and management professionals, our own O&M team and partnering with some of the most experienced renewable power developers and technology providers in the world.

As an Indonesian company, we aim to be a big part of creating a sustainable energy for our country. We aim to contribute to the communities where we operate and we intend to foster Indonesia's own 'green' technologies.

We know that the future of Indonesia depends on growing our urban middle-class and providing more opportunity to all of our citizens, across the 17,000 islands of our country. We know that to grow Terregra and to achieve our aims, we need to see the world as boundary-less so we have taken technology and processes from Europe, Japan, China, the United States and from wherever we've seen things that can work for us. We are taking these and adapting them for our own use and improving them.

The best way forward is to 'Stand on the shoulders of those who came before'. We are absolutely committed not just to grow our power business in Indonesia but to support the development of our own R&D and manufacturing for sustainable energy. Terregra intends to be a leader in Indonesia, the world's most exciting clean energy power market.